Sometimes you may become little electrified if you touch the electronics or electrical gagets with the metal outer covering.  You might have been wondering why, this is because your house is not grounded properly.  In this article you might learn about the essential things about grounding and why it is needed.

    Electrical grounding is defined as it is the point where the voltage is particularly zero.  The point may or may not be connected to earth, though. A circuit which is directly linked with the soil is ground.

        Since the earth ends up being an good electrical conductor and perfect return path for the electrons(current), it is used for draining the excess current leaving the circuit.  In fact the earth is used as the reference point for measuring the voltage in all electrical systems since the voltage at the earth is zero.
         A ground wire is attached to a copper rod or a copper plate which is deeply buried inside the earth.  If your house is grounded you might have been seen this during construction of your house.  You may also use cold water supply pipe for grounding too.
         Since nowadays we are placing a colour coded wires, we can able to distinguish between the phase neutral and earth.  BLACK AND RED FOR HOT WIRES, WHITE FOR NEUTRAL WIRES, GREEN FOR GROUND WIRES.
          It is necessary to understand the term neutral and ground.  The neutral wire carries electrical current back to the power source after it is passed through the electric loads or user applications like A.C, etc.  Whereas the grounding wire in other hand protects the entire electrical and electronic system preventing from short and also bypasses the leaked current.  The neutral wire is more correctly referred to as grounded conductor.


         By checking whether your house is properly grounded unusual and unpredictable shocks can be got ridden.

         For your house to be properly grounded, there must be a physical connection between the ground and your home’s electrical components. There might be three pins in loads that consume extra power or the loads with metal outer cover.  The bottom two pins is for phase and neutral for a.c whereas the positive and negative terminal for the d.c, Whereas the third pin is called as grounding terminal since the third pin is externally connected to earth's surface by a locally installed separate electrical wiring system.  Whenever the system is properly grounded, this connection allows a safe pathway for any excess or misdirected or unnecessary or leaking electrical current. This can potentially save you from electrical fires and deadly electrical shock or even from minor injuries.

Common Electrical Grounding Issues:

The areas that experience the most electrical grounding problems are large cities and suburban areas. This is simply because these more densely populated locations has no place for grounding! since the buildings on those cities are tightly packed sometimes or even most of the apartments and houses are built without a grounding connection which may be the higher potential problem.  Electricians in large cities fight a constant battle with improper grounding, and the resulting problems that result from it. For example, whenever metal pipes or conduit come into contact with an exposed wire, it can lead to a potentially fatal electric shock to any humans or pets that touch them. For this reason, it is most important that you make sure that your electrical system is both in safe condition and properly grounded.

The Risks of Improper Grounding:

If your home is improperly grounded or not grounded at all, then you must be in a higher probability of electric shock. Even pathetic criteria is if you are in a very old house, there might not be grounding at all! Newer homes, as a result of increased safety regulations, are typically grounded properly.  you should have your electrical system inspected regularly by a qualified, local electrician, especially if you believe that you may have an ungrounded or poorly grounded electrical system.

The greatest risks faced by an un grounded electrical system are fire and electrical shock. Because electrical current always moves along the path of least resistance, since human body is the best conductor of all other kind you are the only exposed or directly at risk of being shocked if you are using an ungrounded device when it may leaks the excess current unintentionally. In a fully grounded system, any excess or misdirected current is redirected into the ground connection and into the ground. It is very possible that you will be acting like a grounded connection  if there no grounding circuit available. This could lead to serious injury or death.

In addition to the risks posed to you and all of the other people in your home, ungrounded electrical systems can be potentially hazardous to your electronics. This important safety feature takes the extra electricity away from your device, which can save your electronics from catastrophic damages and incremental wear and tear. As a result, your appliances last longer.

Get a Electrical Inspection of Your Home

Don’t take the risk. No matter how old your home is, you should consider having an electrical safety check on a regular basis in order to identify any potential or existing problems that could lead to an unsafe situation. This important step in home maintenance can keep you and your family safe for years to come.

           Without special testing equipment, it may be difficult to tell. Just because you have three prong outlets does not mean the outlets – or your home – are properly grounded. These outlets must be properly wired in to your home’s main grounding wire for proper protection. There is also more to grounding than sticking a big metal rod in the dirt, such as properly attaching wires, grounding to your home’s water pipes correctly, and much, much more. If you don’t want your electrical behaving badly, you can ensure it is properly grounded by having it inspected by a licensed, qualified electrician.

So if you find your house not grounded till now it is the right time to take necessary steps not only abiding the rules of the government but also ensuring the safety of fellow relations. So kindly check and take actions as soon as possible. Technology is made to admire not to attack!

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